The Firm

Wood IP helps you channel innovation to grow market share.  We are minority and veteran owned.

Several of us were entrepreneurs before becoming IP professionals: starting, seeking funding and grants for, and running companies. These instincts enable us to act as business partners for our clients, understanding their business goals, their marketplace, and their competitors.  We advise them on IP and business strategies — which technologies to patent, sell, or license.

Management Team

Strategic guidance is provided by a management team, including our managing partner, special counsel, IP manager, and CFO.  We recognize that all businesses need a range of skills to grow, survive, and succeed. And regardless of how intelligent, knowledgeable, and experienced, it is unlikely a single leader has all the answers. As generally appreciated, the right mix of talent is just as important as the right skills.  Our management team merges all of these qualities – combining to provide more than 100 years of leadership, management, and problem solving skills.